Yep, here we are—Blog Post Number One. The caps make it official.

I’ve tried this before, at least two other times. Maybe more. The thing is, I was always too focused on writing what I thought others would want to read, or worried about the quality of the writing or choosing the right topics. I was focused externally at some potential pool of readers, and frankly that’s not why I am undertaking this effort.

My goal for this blog is to remove some of the detritus that gets caught in my BrainTrap, and spill it out onto the virtual page. Blog as Pensieve, if you will.

Overall, I’m expecting this blog to act as a sort of personal notebook, perhaps even an advanced bookmarks repository where I can stash bits of internet candy, and those interesting things that do get caught in the BrainTrap.

I expect there will be a lot of discussion about music. New music, old music, playing music, creating, recording, analyzing, performing, and more.

I expect there will be some general commentary, and possibly some politics—for no reason other than to try to come to grips with where we are. This won’t be a place with constant politics, but I do get sick of the constant bullshit from both sides and I’m happy to call it out as I see it.

There will definitely be some posts about interesting science stuff. I’m not going to be throwing equations up on the board—after all, I’m truly terrible at the maths. But there’s a lot of Cool Shit that happens in this world, and learning how things work is more delicious Candy for the old BrainTrap.

I may turn some attention on the process of actually building this blog, mainly as a means to remind myself of the steps I had to go through to get even this far. There will probably be discussion of some other ventures I’m considering at this time.

Surely there will be some photography, and I may go back and finally document some of the great trips that me and my wife have taken over the years.

I’m not expecting much in regard to readership here. That’s not what this is about. This is all for me, my little tiny corner of the virtual world and if someone wants to sidle up and join me on the journey, I say the more the merrier. Grab a drink, through on some tunes, and let’s see what we find out about each other.


February 17, 2022

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